1. In General

1.1 There are certain terms and conditions that need to be adhered to, in order to get access to the website and view its products and services, notices and relevant notifications. Once you start using our services, it automatically means that you have agreed to the terms and conditions laid down on our website, by default. The terms & conditions shall be updated and altered from time to time and you are required to remain updated or check our website and web pages on a regular basis.

1.2 We do not offer any permanent accessibility or user rights to anyone to get access to or use the services available on our website. Access to our website is non-permanent at all times and the rights to access can be stopped or blocked at any given point of time, if required necessary. The company cannot be held liable if the website is not available or cannot be accessed by the users at any time or for any period of time. The company reserves the rights to restrict parts of website or even the entire website at any given point of time.  

1.3 Our website has links with other websites or third party sites that are not controlled by GTB GLOBAL LTD T/A FASHION on trend. Since we do not have control over the usage terms and conditions of the third party websites or other linked websites, our website cannot be held accountable for any loss or damages that may arise due to accessing them at any given time. By using their services, It is understood that you are aware of the terms and conditions of the third party/ linked websites.

2.1 At BestonTrend we are committed to safeguard and protect your personal information and we do not share the same with any third party or any entity under any circumstances as per our company policy. The visitors accessing our website are completely safe and we do not use any information shared by the users for any future promotions or marketing initiatives. We use your information only to provide relevant services pertaining to delivery of purchased goods or services, payment verification of customers and related security checks within the guidelines of payment procedures and permission granted by the users/customers. 

2.2 Consent

We never share or trade personal information of our users, payment details or instrument of payment with any other entity or third party without the consent of the users or customers. If you have been using services of other linked websites and third party websites, we are not accountable for the same, in case of unauthorised leakage of personal information.

2.3 Communication & Marketing

You will receive periodic communication from our side regarding product updates and promotions only if you are an existing customer of our website. If you choose to subscribe or be a paid member, you would receive promotional emails, news about new arrivals, discounts and special offers on our website, directly from our company or even from selected third party websites. 

It is our policy to send promotional marketing communications to our registered customers only.

All members or registered customers or users can opt to discontinue receiving promotional emails and marketing communications from our side. There is an option to choose/click “unsubscribe” link just in case you are no more interested in our promotional emails. By clicking “unsubscribe” you will stop receiving email notifications from our side.

2.4 Cookies

We are very transparent with our Cookie policy. Our users or customers can opt to avoid Cookies from getting stored on your PCs by altering the browser settings, however the Cookies are designed to hold only a small amount of data depending on individual browser habit of a particular customer. Cookies help save time by automatically identifying a particular user each time he/she visits our website. As per our policy we never store cookies without clear consent of our customers.

2.5 Protecting your Security

We are conscious about our client safety and protection of personal information of our users and clients hold paramount. Your personal information provided at the time of membership, registration or subscription is used to conduct checks on unauthorised usage, online fraud and theft. The checks are conducted to confirm identity verifications only and it does not affect your security or credit ratings. 

2.6 Transfers of your Information

Your personal information is secure with us, however the data collected might be stored at destinations or locations outside the national boundaries of your country or might be processed by individuals/staff at a different geographical location. Such transfer of data is required to process your orders, process customer support services, payment services etc. This process is strictly done through authorised channels only.

Inspite of the layers of security installed and robust security protocols followed during transfer of data, it is never 100% fool proof. Transfer of information via Internet might be venerable to hacks and leaks or security breaches. We do our best to prevent unauthorised access to our websites; however we never guarantee complete security of data during transmission. 

2.7 Disclosures of your Information

Our policy towards disclosure of your personal information is guided by strict guidelines and we practice best standards to business ethics. There are only few particular circumstances when we reserve the rights to share your personal information to our partner companies or any third party company authorized by us.

If our company decides to sell or purchase assets or procure new business

If a third party entity happens to take over or acquire our assets or shares and personal data of our customers are handed over to the buying party as a part of an agreement of transfer of assets

In case of order or probe from the govt or any relevant authorities, investigating agency, for security purpose, we are liable to disclose personal data of our users/customers. Keeping in mind that we adhere to the customer rights and safety of information and data, in order to safeguard against any possible fraud, payment related risks, credit risk reduction etc, we reserve the rights to share required information under a controlled atmosphere. 


2.8 Third party sites

Please double check terms and conditions and policies of third party companies and other companies who are linked with our website, while you make any purchase or transact any business with BestonTrend. In case of any commercial loss or any transactional difficulties or leakage of personal data while dealing with any of the third party companies, or websites that are linked with us, we shall not be held liable for the same. Before submitting your personal data it is mandatory that you read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the website.

2.9 Checking your details

We have a provision where in our users or clients can send us email in order to verify the personal information and details they have submitted to BestonTrend. In order to make sure that the request has come from a genuine user and authenticity of the requesting party, we are committed to conduct several security checks. Your previous used email and passwords and other verification details are required to be kept handy at the time of customer/user verification. If the details provided by you are incorrect, we cannot be held liable in case of any fraudulent usage. Using browser’s password memory is never recommended as it might result in data breach.

2.10 Contacting us

FASHION on trend, cs@bestontrend.com shall be deemed as the custodian of all personal data and we shall at all times adhere to the terms laid down by the data protection law.

Our users and customers has the right to verify and access the personal data and information submitted by them at the time of registration or membership with our website. We shall honour the rights exercised as per the data protection act. The verification retrieval service has an attached fees or service charge that needs to be paid to our company by the users/customers in order to get access.

Our customers are our top priority as always. We are committed to take care of our customers and make them feel safe and comfortable at all times. Any feedback from our customers/users is always welcome and we shall highly appreciate if you can send us your back valuable suggestions in order to improve our services, and client experience. For any future queries or feedback you are sincerely requested to send us your email at the below given address or contact us at our customer care section. We shall be glad to assist you. Our customer care email id is cs@bestontrend.com 

Privacy Policy

  1. Prohibitions

Usage of our website and being facilitated by its services involves strict adherence to certain guidelines and policies that the user must agree to observe or obey at all times. By using our website it is understood that the users and customers are obliged to follow the guidelines and do not breach its terms at any given point of time. The terms of usage shall be considered as violation or breach of trust/confidence under the below circumstances.

The website should not be misused other than its mentioned purpose of usage.

Any transmission of virus or infecting the site with malicious content shall be considered as a criminal offence.

Breach of confidence and criminal offence shall be considered if any user involves in any objectionable work on the website that is illegal as per the law of the land, try to hack or steal intellectual data, perform any immoral activity that is offensive and obscene. No one is allowed to infringe upon the rights of other users and customers by sending unauthorised emails, promotions and advertisements, inflict annoyance using spam emails.

Any breaching of confidence or provisions laid down in the user clause shall be treated as a criminal offence under Computer misuse act 1990. BestonTrend hold the rights to report such breach of confidence to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action and this might involve disclosing of personal information and data of the involved user/customer. The company shall not be held liable due to any inconvenience caused due to legal procedures and action taken by the investigating authorities. The company shall not be held liable in case of any virus infection or any technological harmful content or material infecting your computers, your computer data or programs, caused due to downloading of our website or any links attached with our website.  

  1. Intellectual Properties

The website content, web design, the software used are all considered as Intellectual properties of our website/company. As per the terms of this agreement, it is mandatory for the user to understand that the intellectual properties are sensitive commodity and cannot be leaked, disclosed, share, copied or represented in any form what so ever, anywhere for representation, publicity or distribution. The web content can be stored by the user only for personal use. The contents of the website cannot be used for any commercial purpose by the user for another company or business entity, or any social media platform. Any false representation or unauthorised usage of website design, content or format without the consent of the Company directors shall be considered as a criminal offence and legal action can be taken against the people involved.


  1. Terms of Sale

5.1 When a customer places an order on our website it is understood that he/she is well aware of the terms and conditions pertaining to sales and purchase of the product and the said product is subject to availability and the price component remains variable and do not match the price of the order.

5.2 The time taken to deliver a product/goods sold may vary as it depends upon several circumstances. The precalculated delivery time might not match and there can be possible delays due to reasons that are beyond our control. In case of any delay in delivery due to a reason that is not within our control, our company cannot be held accountable for it.

5.3 We are sorry; we conduct business with customers with 18 years and above age group only. For transactions it is understood that the client is ought to have a valid Credit card or debit card issued by a bank and that the same is acceptable for by our company.

5.4 We reserve the rights to accept or cancel a request made by any user or customer due to non-availability or any other reason. It is our company policy to inform our clients in order to confirm availability of the goods after an order is placed. While placing an order it is understood that you have provided valid personal details and location details in order to deliver the order correctly at the right location or address. The placement of an order also shall confirm that the customer has required funds in his payment instrument ( debit/credit card) that can cover the cost of the product/goods/services.

5.5 Our Contract

As a standard protocol we send confirmation email to our customers after an order is placed and payment is made, the confirmation email stands as an acknowledgement or acceptance of your order. The contract does not form until the time we confirm that the ordered goods are available and has been despatched from our end. Our contract shall display only those goods for which the order has been placed by the client and the same despatched by us.

5.6 Pricing and Availability

Customer satisfaction being our primary goal we always try to make sure that our goods and services are fair priced and at par with our competition in the market. Our prices are fixed as displayed on our website and there is no scope of any price negotiation. We make sure that the prices of goods displayed on our website are correct and free from errors. Just in case if there is any error from our side regarding pricing of goods, we shall notify our customers via email or other modes of communication. If the order is placed at a given price and the price changes, we shall inform our clients so that they are free to cancel their order and place a new order. If order is placed and payment is already made and we find out that there is a price error, we shall process full refund to you as early as possible. The prices displayed on our website are inclusive of VAT for UK customers and may be duty for EU and rest of the world, however the cost of delivery is always considered as an additional component. The cost break up and the tax amount is displayed in the invoice raised.

5.7 Payment

As a standard security protocol and to safe guard against any fraudulent transaction, BestonTrend, shall conduct a general pre-authorisation check of the payment instrument ( debit/credit card). This is to ensure that there is sufficient balance in the card used for purchase. Until the pre-authorisation procedure is not complete the despatch order is not processed. Once we accept your order and the goods are ready for despatch, the amount is debited from your card.

5.8 Discount Codes

Promotional prices and discount codes are offered to our valued customers and to our registered users, from time to time. These codes are applicable only if the purchase is made though our website under the account holder’s registered ID. Promotional discount codes are offered on limited products only and the purchase has to be made under specific time period, through our website and valid of registered customers only. The discount codes are applicable for full priced goods only and the conditions attached for availing the discounts are clearly mentioned on our website.

  1. Disclaimer of Liability


Products displayed on our website might vary in actual reality, this might be its shape, colour or size. What looks on the product display might differ in reality when the customer receives the product delivery. The customer should not consider the same as a reason for personal loss, damages, fraud or cheating.

The writer and media promoters hereby are expressly excluded with all conditions, warranties and other conditions which might be implied by the common state law or the law of equity.

  1. Linking to this website

We allow our users or registered subscribers to link with our website under certain terms and conditions. The links should not in any case hamper our company reputation or market value. The link should not be illegal or a means to earn benefit by taking any undue advantage of our website. The link should not try to show case any type of association or collaboration with our website without our written approval. The link should not be of a website owned by any other entity. The link should be created only to the home page of our website, linking to any other page is not allowed. The company holds rights to withdraw approval for linking at any given point of time without any prior notice. 

  1. Disclaimer

Any third party websites, any website links that is not authorised by our company, and trademarks, images, any third party products and services displayed or mentioned on our website cannot be considered as an associate or affiliate of FASHION on trend. The users or customers of our website should not rely on any such third party websites or any services offered by them. Any authorised affiliate would have the names and images displayed on our website.

  1. Indemnity

The Indemnity clause attached with the agreement confirms the fact that the users of the website or the customer shall hold harmless BestonTrend. In case of any damages or loss arising due to the usage of the website or due to breach in terms of services, any cost implications or loss due to usage of third party websites or attached websites, none of our company directors, employees, consultants, agents or affiliates can be held accountable or show caused as a reason to cause harm to the user.   

  1. Variation

The BestonTrend hold or reserves exclusive rights to amend remove or alter any part of the website or any webpage or services offered in the website. The company is not liable to provide any prior written notice to its clients, users/customers to conduct any amendments, alterations or restrictions.

  1. Invalidity

In any special circumstances where the terms of services cannot be enforced or not valid for a particular goods or product, it does not mean that the entire terms and clause of usage stands invalid. Even if partial enforcement of terms and conditions is applicable, the other conditions shall remain in full force as per the terms of agreement. If required a particular clause or sub clause can be amended or rectified in a fashion that it has nearest resemblance to the original terms and conditions governed by the law. 

  1. Complaints

The company follows a procedure that deals with client complaints. Our customer satisfaction is paramount for us and we handle each clients complaints in a professional manner and seek complete resolution. The disputes that arise are generally resolved at the very first stage but if the matter is escalated further, the customer are made aware of the escalation ladder where the complaint can be lodged. Each complain is taken with utmost sincerity and percentage of resolution is almost 100%.

  1. Waiver

Consideration of a waiver can be considered at our sole discretion only. BestonTrend, might not decide to take legal action against violators due to breach of agreement by users as a special case but it still holds intact the company’s rights in other circumstances where the conditions are breached or violated.

  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement are laid down as per the trade regulations and has compliance with the law of “India”. In case of any dispute or a claim settlement that needs to be tried in the court of law, the same can only be settled under the jurisdiction of the courts in India, not outside the country. 

  1. Entire Agreement

The terms and conditions laid down in the agreement shall be considered as final agreement between the user/customer and GTB GLOBAL LTD T/A FASHION on trend. The terms of the agreement supersedes any other agreement or proceedings that pre-existed or have been discussed or agreed upon prior. The terms of usage is a clean and clear agreement between the two parties that is BestonTrend and the user/client. Any discount or waiver can be considered as valid only on written consent by email by the directors of the company and the client.

  1. Returning unwanted items.

There are standard policies that need to be adhered to by our users and customers during return of purchased goods or claiming refunds or requesting for replacement. The concerned product should be original and exactly the same piece sold by our company and received by our customer. The product should not be used or have any wear and tear or damages or any alteration from its original self. The goods/product should be unused and should not bear any marks, scratches, damages, dents, fading of colour, dirt stains etc. we understand our customers rights and value the same but it is our top priority to abide by the health and hygiene policies of our goods and we expect that while claiming the returns or replacements, the tags or hygiene seals are not removed from the product at all. We accept request for returns, refunds or replacements only withing 14 days of purchase of the goods.

There are certain list of items that does not come under the clause of refunds, returns or exchange. Items like perishable goods, cosmetic goods, make up items, inner wear etc due to health and hygiene hazards.