By declaring the policy of cookies on, we confirm that you agree and understand clearly the terms and conditions of its usage. In our Cookie policy we shall explain the importance of the same and how we use it to collect your personal information. We request all the users of our website to read in detail and understand the Cookie policies hereby, before using our website.     

Cookies are a kind of information recorder, where your browser stores information about you when you visit a website. The information stored occupies a very small space on your computer/device and are usually in the form of a text file. The cookie files reveal generic information about the user like the name of the site visited, the date and time of visit, the pages viewed, duration of visit, the type of device used to view the website, IP address, contact details of the user etc.

We are very transparent with our Cookie policy. Our users or customers can opt to avoid Cookies from getting stored on your PCs by altering the browser settings; however the Cookies are designed to hold only a small amount of data depending on individual browser habit of a particular customer. Cookies help save time by automatically identifying a particular user each time he/she visits our website. As per our policy we never store cookies without clear consent of our customers.

We consider it is necessary to disclose to our users about the type of Cookies we use on our website. The cookies used by us can be put under certain categories/types. There are cookies that are mandatory and that are how it comes under “strict and necessary category”, other cookies are used for “Analytical/evaluation” purposes and for “advertising exercises”. The discussion below speaks volume about the category of Cookies used by our site.

There are Cookies that we earmark as mandatory. The users of our website should allow these Cookies in order to enable smooth functioning of the website. These cookies assist you to move around the web pages in the site and also avail the services offered on the site. Without these Cookies you will not be able to access the secure areas of the website.   

Analytical Cookies are the ones that are used for the purpose of customer/user analysis. They collect generic information about the users of the site that is largely anonymous and not targeted against any particular individual. Analytical cookies collect information like the pages visited by the user, the number of times the pages are viewed, the duration of viewing; the links clicked on the page, if the links worked showed any error message. We use this information to create awareness for us for our future marketing initiatives and planning of customer engagement programs. We use these Cookies to enhance the efficiency of our website.  

These are largely the Cookies that drive our advertisement policies. We always try to make our advertisements more effective and relevant, help keep our clients interested about our offerings. The cookies also help us to decide the number of times the advertisements would be viewed by our clients. The Cookies identify the sites you have visited and that how they analyse your area of interest. This information can also be passed on to our partner advertisement companies. Hence it might happen that you would view similar kinds of advertisements from other sources when you surf the internet.   

For our customers to have a clarity and transparency about our Cookie policy, Whether or not you allow us to download cookies is up to you.

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If you choose to disable cookies by changing your preferences or your browser Settings, our website and its features may not necessarily work in the same way or produce the same personalised experience. If you delete all of your cookies, you will have to update your preferences with us again. If you use a different device, computer profile or browser you will have to tell us your preferences again.

From time to time we may change this cookies policy. If there are any significant changes we will post updates on our website, applications or let you know by email.